Become an Apprentice and enjoy the benefits

When you start your Apprenticeship training with us, not only will you be getting expert industry training and all the skills you need to start your career; you’ll also have access to some amazing benefits!

Anyone on our Fast Track to Apprenticeships courses can access the following exciting benefits

Fast Track to Apprenticeships courses come with a range of exciting benefits for all trainees, which help you get whatever you need to excel in your Apprenticeship, plus some added extras as a treat for your hard work!

Bus or train pass
Don’t let anything stop you from starting your career, Apprentices are entitled to a bus or train pass to get you into our office and to your place of work.

NUS Discount card
You can spend the money you earn while you’re learning in a range of top online and high street stores with your free NUS card. Get discounts on everything from clothes to restaurants while you’re completing an Apprenticeship with us.

Love to Shop vouchers
After 6 weeks of training you’ll receive a £50 voucher, which you can put towards anything you may need to help you. You could use it on work clothes, equipment and many more items – making sure you have everything you need to succeed.

On progression into a job or further training, you’ll receive a further £100 in shopping vouchers which are perfect to get work wear or any equipment you might need.

Extra Student Benefits

Subject to eligibility, Apprentices can also receive the below extra benefits to help them day to day with training and starting an Apprenticeship role. These benefits are designed to help those who may have some concerns about how to fund themselves day to day during training.

Weekly allowance
Students can receive a £25 weekly allowance to help with any costs associated with training, to make sure there’s nothing standing in the way of you completing your Apprenticeship course.

Free meals
We can offer free meals, depending on circumstances, so you won’t need to worry about spending your money on food while you’re training and can just focus on getting the skills you need to get ahead.

Support to buy clothing or uniforms
If your role requires you wear a uniform, or smart work dress we can support you with funding to buy the clothes you need for your Apprenticeship; so you’ll be able to look and feel the part in your new role from day one.

Tool kits and hairdressing kits to help on work placements
Particularly in the hairdressing and construction industry, its important you have all the tools you need to do the job. We can provide tool kits or hairdressing kits so you’ll have everything you need to start learning.

If you’d like to know more about the perks of studying with us on any of our programmes, get in touch with our Apprenticeships team on 01744 742045 or at [email protected]