What’s the benefit of taking on an Apprentice?

Apprentices have been shown to bring a breath of fresh air to a business, bringing fresh ideas and creativity. Plus, studies have shown that over 80% of businesses that employed apprentices found their productivity had increased as a result!

How can I fund Apprenticeship training?

We can help! Contact our Workforce Development team to find out more about the funding options which may be available to your business. Currently the government will pay for 95% of your apprenticeships training costs. If you’re a levy paying business we can also help you use make the most of your funds.

What does an Apprenticeship cost?

Apprenticeships costs vary depending on the subject it is delivered in and the level of study. As an employer you can expect to pay a 5% contributions towards the cost of the Apprenticeship training. If you pay the Apprenticeship Levy you can use this to pay the full cost of training.

What is Apprenticeship Levy?

Apprenticeship Levy is paid by businesses with an annual payroll over £3m. This fund can only be used on training existing staff via Apprenticeships or recruiting new Apprentices; you can find more information here [Link to levy page].

Are there any grants available?

Currently businesses recruiting a 16-18 year old Apprentice will receive a contribution of £1000 towards the cost of hiring and training them.

What benefit would an Apprenticeship have for my existing staff?

If you invest in your existing staff not only will you increase retention, but you’ll benefit from their new skill set. Apprenticeships can be undertaken at any age and any seniority level, so you could upskill your management team or make sure your marketing team has the most up to date skills; with better trained staff, your business can run more smoothly.

Which staff are eligible?

Any staff member is eligible, as long as the Apprenticeship qualification matches their job role.

Will my business be disrupted by training staff?

Disruption is kept to a minimum when training existing staff, most training can be delivered on site so you won’t have staff off site for long periods. Staff will need the opportunity to work on their Apprenticeship and will need to have time built into their normal roles to do so.

How do I find and recruit Apprentices?

Our Workforce Development team can help you find and recruit talented Apprentices to your business; advertising your vacancy and sending over suitable candidates from our pool or talented young people.