Apprenticeship Levy

If your business has an annual pay bill over £3 Million you will be required to pay the Apprenticeship Levy.

What can Apprenticeship Levy be used for?
Your Levy can only be used to pay for Apprenticeship training and assessment for Apprentices. You can’t use the levy for other associated costs of Apprenticeships such as wages, travel costs, etc). You can find the full details on what’s eligible for the Levy Fund here.

We can help you make the most of your Apprenticeship Levy, by either providing training for existing staff or helping you to recruit talented new Apprentices into your business.

How do I access my Apprenticeship Levy Fund?
You can access your funding for Apprenticeships through your Digital Apprenticeship Service account. Through the Digital Apprenticeship Service you will:

  • Select the Apprenticeship frameworks or standards that you want your staff to undertake
  • Choose the training provider or providers who you want to deliver the training
  • Choose the organisation that will assess your Apprentices
  • Post vacancies for any new Apprenticeship positions you are creating

What if I don’t use it?
Any Levy funds you don’t use will expire 24 months after they enter your Apprenticeship account. Any money not spent within 24 months will be removed from your account and put into the general Apprenticeship fund. Last year over £300 million in levy payments went unspent and were clawed back by the Treasury.

Need help using your Apprenticeship Levy?

Our Workforce Development team can carry out a free training needs analysis of your workforce and put a fully costed training plan in place, which allows you to get the best value from your Levy contributions through investing in staff training.

Call our Workforce Development team on 01744 742 333 or email [email protected] to find out how we can help you make the most of your Apprenticeship Levy.