Have you ever thought about becoming an Apprentice? See what our other Apprentices say, and how an Apprenticeship could help you start your dream career.

“I would recommend doing an Apprenticeship if you think you could progress better through that route than through University. I’ll always value the Apprenticeship that I did, it has prepared me for working life and has been really helpful. “The sky is the limit to anyone who wants to pursue a career through an Apprenticeship.”
former apprentice James Crombleholme

James Crombleholme

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Metro Mayor’s Office
“I feel like I have learned a lot and it will help me in my jobs and help me progress. I feel like Julie has supported me throughout my NVQ and I would recommend St Helens Chamber.”
Ashley Stubbs

Ashley Stubbs

Exceptional Care
“The Fast Track to an Apprenticeship programme definitely helped me, before doing the course my CV was boring and didn’t have much information in and I didn’t have much confidence in interviews, so these parts of the course in particular really helped me get to where I am today. The Career Coaches matched me to my current position and recommended that I apply, because they saw I was ready to go into the workplace and my skills were a good fit for the job.”
Leanne Carey

Leanne Carey

Finance and Administration Apprentice
Livesey Spottiswood
“I have been able to apply the things that I’ve learnt in this training to help me in my day to day responsibilities. Whilst I have been doing this training I have been promoted to a senior management level and I’m sure the training has helped contribute.”
Danny Doyle

Danny Doyle

“The course stood out as it was something different. It offered me the chance to learn whilst in a working environment. Even though we were there to learn we were treated like employees rather than kids in a classroom.”
Kieran Hackett

Kieran Hackett

Resolve Energy
“The range of different activities on the Fast Track to Apprenticeships course really appealed to me; you learn how to apply for jobs and what to expect in a business environment – office etiquette, how to behave in a workplace… this was really helpful for me when I was settling in.”
Apprentice ta work

Rachel Littler

Clerical Officer
St Helens Council
“I couldn’t speak highly enough of St Helens Chamber Business School and the staff I’ve had involvement with. It’s been very, very positive. When I hit difficulties due to a few changes Bobbie was there and the tutors were there to help me out in any way they could, I couldn’t speak highly enough of the whole experience.”
Management Apprentice Gary Roe

Gary Roe

Assistant Operations Manager
“I would definitely recommend the Fast Track to an Apprenticeship course to my friends, the interview skills part was really helpful and gave me a bit more confidence when I went out to employers”
Caitlin Houghton

Caitlin Houghton

Early Years Practitioner
Little Journeys Day Nursery
“I think I have found out who I really am and I have grown as a person and gained more confidence with myself and with the job.”
Georgia Skerry

Georgia Skerry

Poco Coffee
“I would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship. I didn’t think I would be able to build a website and use Adobe software, I’m learning new skills every day.”
Kieran Martin

Kieran Martin

NL Williams Group